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Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Torulosa'


Twisting, string-like foliage characterizes this easy to grow conifer.  The plant will make a bold, dark-green plant that is upright and slightly spreading.  Excellent as a background specimen for lighter foliage colors. Also, the size and density makes it a good candidate for screening. A 10 year old specimen can be 6-8 ft tall, and 5-7 ft wide. The unusual structure makes for a good conversation piece. The first mention of this plant was in the William Gotelli Conifer Collection of South Orange, New Jersey in 1962. Many think that this cultivar is synonymous with Ch. obtusa 'Coraliformis'. However, 'Torulosa' is supposedly more vigorous and more commonly seen in cultivation. Hardy to zone 4.  

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