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The Starter Kit


In order to get your plants off to a fabulous start, we offer our Starter Kit. Included is a generous amount of our aged Magical Redwood Bark Soil Conditioner to offer not only fiber and water holding capabilities but also enough air to keep the roots happy. We have also added Perlite, an amorphous volcanic glass which has a very porous surface that holds water, air and nutrients, but still allows excess water to drain away. This substance will help insure your plants won't get root rot diseases. The Redwood Bark takes a long time to decompose, so keeps your soil mix light with good drainage qualities. Also included in this kit is enough of our Acid Loving Fertilizer for 2 feedings of a one gallon plant, or 1 feeding for a 3-5 gallon size plant (TO BE APPLIED TO THE SURFACE). This feed will last for 2-3 months by dissolving a little with each watering. Next we add some John & Bob Soil Optimizer to help transform clay soils into loam.  Last, we have added Premix 2000 with zeolite. This product has small doses of micronutrients and zeolite to keep all of these important elements from leaching out with watering.  

Acid Loving Fertilizers that come with this kit: 


One Shot Super Bloom Fertilizer - 6-7-5

One Shot Thrive Fertilizer - 20-5-11


Our 6 Plant Starter Kits have 6 times the ingredients of a 1 Plant Starter Kit 

We use our Starter Kit Mix in all of our plant growing processes to produce the best root system we can, and from experience we have found that the better the root system, the better the plant thrives...and always Singing.