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Pinus nigra 'Frank'


Back in the 1980's when the Mitsch Nursery was in its heyday, they found this wonderful tight and narrow fastigiate form of Austrian Black pine, which they named and registered. There is always a need for these 'exclamation point' shaped plants in gardens, as they contrast nicely with all of the mounding plants. The needles are a very dark, rich green, adding to its attractiveness. The buds are striking white in the fall and winter, adding interest. Candle pruning in the spring will help insure the tightness of its shape, and if you live in snow country it is suggested to wrap the plant in the fall to keep it from falling open during snow events.  The tree will grow to 10 feet tall, but only 3-4 feet wide over time. Could be a great candidate for a narrow hedge/screen.

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