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Az. 'Orchid Lights'


'Orchid Lights' was introduced in 1986 and is a member of the Northern Lights series. Northern Lights azaleas were bred by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to be very hardy and to have flower buds that can withstand temperatures of -30 to -45 degrees F. They may be grown in Zone 3 with protection. 'Orchid Lights' is a hybrid of Rhododendron canadense and Rhododendron x kosteranum. It has 1-1/2 in. wide flowers that are pale purplish-pink with yellow spots on the dorsal lobe. The flowers are sterile and will not produce seed pods. The flowers are FRAGRANT.  'Orchid Lights' is a compact plant that grows 2 to 3 ft. tall and 3 to 4 ft. wide. This azalea has been irresistible to our employees, who are buying them.

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