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Commonly known as the Carnival Hedge Maple, this shrubby plant is grown for its amazing variegation. In spring when the leaves emerge, they are pink, white and green. As the leaves mature, there is a clean white margin around green, giving the plant its signature look. You can expect it to be 5 ft tall and 4 ft wide in 10 years, and it really brightens up a shady area. Fall color is golden yellow. One interesting quality is that the variegation can vary from year to year...some years it is super awesome, while other years there is less. This may be due to the winter temperatures. Sometime there are branches that are all white, but because there is no chlorophyll, the branch can die back, causing disappointment. Everyone wants a totally white tree, but that isn't going to happen. However, this is not a wimpy plant, but is quite robust even with the variegation. Can grow in full sun in cooler climates, but in climates with very hot summers, partial shade is recommended. 

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