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Yummy Yak

Yummy Yak


A great name for a great plant! A cultivar that has been in the trade for some time, but not named until now. This low, compact rhododendron hybrid is a cross between the Japanese species R. degronianum ssp. yakushimanum and an old yellow flowering rhododendron R. 'Jalisco Eclipse'. The flowers are a medium pink color, but the plant is named for the lovely foliage and attractive mounding habit. New and a must for the 'yak' hybrid collectors.

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons
·        Hard to propagate – many cultivars do not root easily from cuttings, but at a reduced rate thus making the plant rare.
·        Hard to find – these cultivars are hard to find in the first place, probably because they are hard to root from cuttings

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