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Yama Nishiki


Every tree has something special and with Yama Nishiki, it is the coloring in the leaves.  The leaves emerge green and white and as they unfurl, the green in the center deepens, making the white edges very striking.  It is an upright tree of 12 feet in 10 years.  I usually love to gush about the striking qualities of our new plants but with this one, I will wait with baited breath to discover all of it's eccentricities and little delights because I just don't know enough yet to brag.  However, I am excited to see what this will do over time and if you are in the market for an upright, variegated backyard tree, we've got you covered;)  And check out the fall colors on Yama Nishiki!  I took the picture from the top of the tree looking down so you can see how many colors are present at one time.  What a show! 



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