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Wisteria frutescens 'Longwood Purple'


The more common Wisteria available are from China, chinensis, or Japan, japonica. This Wisteria is native to the southeastern USA, and is less vigorous than the asian types, making it more desirable for those who don't like those fast growing types. The flowers are shorter, but just as colorful or even more. This American species is a good climber, and can cover arbors or walls easily. The rich purple flowers come out in May and June, and can be grown in a large container on the patio. Some say that 'Longwood Purple' is a repeat bloomer, with flowers right through September. The best show can be achieved by trimming your vine to four buds from last year's new growth just before this year's growth begins. Selected at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Hardy to zone 6.  Staked up to 48 inches.

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