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Variegated Black Hills Spruce - Picea mariana 'Aureovariegata'



This is A GOLD TIPPED BLUE SPRUCE, which is incredible! Beyond that, this is a dwarf conifer that really checks all the boxes.  You will not see one in your neighbor's yard (unique variety: Check!), these little guys are hard to find!  People will stop and talk about it because of it's unique color patterns and sculptural habit when young (gorgeous structure: Check!). As the little tree ages, it will take on a pyramidal shape and it will fit nicely into any landscape, being only 5ft in 10 years ( Perfect size for any project: Check!).  It is hardy to zone 3, which is something to squawk about (Hardy: Check!). You can keep it in a large pot on your deck if you need something unique and decorative (Can be planted in the landscape or kept in a pot: Check!).  It is hard to capture the beauty of this tree in a photograph but the sharp contrast from gold to blue will make you want to stop and visit with her often.  We have a serious soft spot for this tree and we think you will too.  

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