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Taos is a sweet little addition that made its way to us from the Fort Bragg area near Mendocino California.  Here at Singing Tree Gardens we are always looking for what's new and exciting in rhododendrons and Taos certainly has us excited!  From a promising lineage, Taos is a cilicalyx hybrid in the maddennii family.  If you delight in the opportunity to discover the next generation like we do, find a spot for this little gem.  Taos has smaller leaves and branches vigorously.  This plant takes well to pruning, making it appealing to the adventurous gardener who enjoys guiding a young plant to a desired shape.  We expect it will be roughly 5 feet in 10 years and offers fragrance in springtime.  Created by Bill Moyles of Oakland, CA. Very dependable bloomer.

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

These tender varieties are rare because they do not have a wide enough audience due to their lack of hardiness and are overlooked by the big growers.

Singing Tree Gardens has made these rare varieties our passion and remain committed to producing them for future generations. Currently we are the only source in the USA for these tender, FRAGRANT plants.

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