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Watermelon Fizz

Watermelon Fizz


New from the master hybridizer Frank Fujioka is this 'Seaview Sunset' cross that is another winner! Blooming in early May the dwarf grower has dark green, narrow foliage that resembles its parent 'Seaview Sunset', but the flowers are more pink. We love the ruffled watermelon pink edges and the light centers in nice full flower trusses. Be the first on your block to have this is super special! Hardy to zone 8.   

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

·       Hard to propagate – many cultivars do not root easily from cuttings, but at a reduced rate thus making the plant rare.

·       Hard to find – these cultivars are hard to find in the first place, probably because they are hard to root from cuttings

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