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R. supranubium


Although very similar to the species rhododendron R. maddenii, and perhaps now considered a subspecies, it is still lovely, fragrant, and worth having in your collection. The name means 'above the clouds', thus it is heavenly! Widely funnel shaped flowers of pure white with a yellow throat in groups of 3 characterize the blooming on this species that occurs in late April or early May. Hardy to 15 deg F.

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

  • These tender varieties are rare because they do not have a wide enough audience due to their lack of hardiness and are overlooked by the big growers.
  • Singing Tree Gardens has made these rare varieties our passion and remain committed to producing them for future generations. Currently we are the only source in the USA for these tender, FRAGRANT plants.

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