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R. maddenii Reid Form

R. maddenii Reid Form


I was given this plant by the late Robert MacIntyre, who was the president of the American Rhododendron Society for a few years. Bob lived in Bandon, Oregon and he claimed that this form of Rhododendron maddenii was more hardy than any other cultivar. He said it made it through a winter that dipped to 10 degrees. Hard to believe for a maddenii, but could be. The flowers are white with a bit of pink in lax trusses of 4 or 5 florets. The plant is very handsome, making a big lush mound 5 ft tall and a bit wider in 10 years. The fragrance is heavenly!

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

  • These tender varieties are rare because they do not have a wide enough audience due to their lack of hardiness and are overlooked by the big growers.

  • Singing Tree Gardens has made these rare varieties our passion and remain committed to producing them for future generations. Currently we are the only source in the USA for these tender, FRAGRANT plants.

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