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R. 'Goldprinz'

R. 'Goldprinz'


'Goldprinz' is getting the reputation as one of the very best yellow flowering rhododendrons. A result of repeated crossbreeding by the Hachmann Nursery in Germany, this exciting new rhododendron is compact in growing habit, and hardy to zone 6. The flowers cover the plant fully, and last longer than most rhododendrons.. Each trusss has 15-17 florets, opening reddish orange, then changing to an intense yellow with a wine-red throat and red spots in the upper petal. The foliage is dark-green and shiny, are broadly elliptic, and covering the shrub fully to make a very handsome plant year round. Climates with severe winters should provide some protection. Come from the Hachmann Nursery means that it will be a great performer as they have been producing new rhododendrons for generations. 

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons
·        Hard to propagate – many cultivars do not root easily from cuttings, but at a reduced rate thus making the plant rare.
·        Hard to find – these cultivars are hard to find in the first place, probably because they are hard to root from cuttings 

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