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R. dalhousiae

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This species is native to the broad-leaved forest zone on the lower slopes of the eastern Himalaya from 5,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation. It typically grows epiphytically in large trees but is also found on cliffs, large boulders, and occasionally terrestrially on steep slopes. When found growing in trees, they seem to be literally dripping with blooming R. dalhousiae ! The large clusters of pale creamy yellow trumpets will be vividly highlighted against the dark green foliage of the trees in which they grow.The long trumpet shaped flowers are quite fragrant, especially on a warm day. The plant is tender, with the flower buds only hardy to +15 deg. F. Also, descriptions like "straggly", "leggy", and "sprawling" have made its popularity less, but if pruned on it will make an acceptably nice plant. This species is rarely found in the trade, and is precisely why we grow it, making sure it is not lost.

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