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Pinus thunbergii 'Shirome Janome'

Pinus thunbergii 'Shirome Janome'


Loosely translated from Japanese, the name of this dwarf conifer means "cold white eyes of the snake". It is an upright pyramidal selection of Japanese black pine that is striking and very beautiful. The yellow banding of the needles makes this plant glow in the garden. One can expect it to measure 8-10 ft in height and 7 ft wide in 10 years and is hardy to zone 6. 

Interesting to note, this cultivar originated long ago in Japan, but wasn't introduced into the U.S. nursery trade until around 1980. Barry Yinger of Brookside Gardens of Wheaton, Maryland is credited for bringing this plant along with many other colorful Japanese pines to our country.

This cultivar was chosen by the American Conifer Society as one of the prestigious 'Conifer of the Year' awards.

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