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Pinus thunbergiana 'Kyokko Yatsubusa'

Pinus thunbergiana 'Kyokko Yatsubusa'


The cork bark pine in the species thunbergiana is very exciting for use in bonsai. The bark can become very 'craggy' and look very old. It may take a few years to start to display the highly textured bark, but it is worth waiting for. The photo is a spectacular bonsai specimen developed in the UK, and is over 20 years old. I always have to be sure to mention that the plant in the photo is not what we are is just an example of what can be achieved with some skill at bonsai and some time. I surprises me at how many people buy this plant from the photo, and are upset when they don't receive a 25 year old bonsai specimen. I really do try to explain this and be perfectly clear.

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