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Picea jezoensis 'Howell's Dwarf '


Although often known in the trade incorrectly as Picea bicolor 'Howell's Dwarf Tigertail', the correct name is Picea jezoensis 'Howell's Dwarf'. This is confirmed by the American Conifer Society.

The tree forms a wide, spreading, flat-topped form with ascending branches. The needles are blue-green on the upper surfaces with silver-blue undersides, sparkling in the sun. Another spectacular feature is an absolute riot of rose-purple new seed cones in early spring. Our specimen is now about 4 ft tall and 10 feet wide after 15 years of age. The cultivar originated at the Skylands Nursery in New Jersey in the 1960's, and was introduced into the trade by John Vermeulen and Son Nursery.

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