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Picea breweriana 'Wustemeyer'

Picea breweriana 'Wustemeyer'



There are a few brooms of the Brewer's Spruce, and this is one of better ones. Picea breweriana 'Wüstemeyer' is a slow-growing, globose selection with light blue-green needles. Growing about 2 inches per year, the tree will be symmetrical and tight, making a squat pyramid around 2 ft. tall and a bit wider. Great for the rock garden, or small conifer collection bed. 

Werner Wüstemeyer of Schermbeck, Germany found the witch's broom that was to become this hard-to-find cultivar around 1978, naming it for himself. One will often encounter this conifer listed under the synonymous cultivar names, 'Hexenbesen Wüstemeyer' and 'H.B. Wüstemeyer.' Photo by David Olszyk. 

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