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Optimize by John and Bobs

Optimize by John and Bobs


Optimize is a concentrated organic humate soil conditioner that improves poor soil and increases fertility and vitality with organic matter. It begins working as soon as it's added into the soil, and continues to release nutrients and enrich the soil over time. Optimize adds concentrated, fully decomposed organic matter (true humus) to create the soil environment for all plants to thrive. We use Optimize here in our gardens when we plant, and/or fertilize. Both we and our customers see the difference in the health in our plants since using Optimize.


  • Feeds plants and beneficial microbes
  • Contains fully decomposed humus
  • Combats hard, clay soil and acts as a conditioner
  • Contains humic acid mined in New Mexico, USA
  • Contains organic calcium and iron that balance the ph of soil
  • Ingredients: 14% Humic Acid from Leonardite (as per State of CA humic acid definition) .78% Iron