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Mi Amor


Mi Amor has been a front row contender for most popular rhododendron for many years here at Singing Tree Gardens.  The large textured leaves and 6" trumpet flowers, give this beautiful plant a very tropical look!  The buds look like artichokes swelling as we move into springtime, when the flowers open white with a rich yellow throat and wonderful fragrance!  Mi Amor is one of the most fragrant rhododendrons and once you get near one, you will have to have one.  Year after year our local gardeners wander in, looking for this intoxicating perfumed plant with the trumpet flowers and gorgeous leaves! 

Hardy in zones 9 and 10


Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

  • These tender varieties are rare because they do not have a wide enough audience due to their lack of hardiness and are overlooked by the big growers.

  • Singing Tree Gardens has made these rare varieties our passion and remain committed to producing them for future generations. Currently we are the only source in the USA for these tender, FRAGRANT plants.


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