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Marionberry Marvel

Marionberry Marvel



New from the Thompson Nursery in Oregon, this hybrid rhododendron with R. 'Anah Kruschke' as the seed parent, and R. 'Black Widow' as the pollen parent is quite amazing! The plant is very robust with larger dark-green shiny leaves. Although we haven't tested this plant for more than 5 years, it appears to be very tough and adaptable to a wider range of conditions. The flowers are a rich dark pink with a black flare in the throat...very 'berry-like'. The plant will not doubt be a large shrub, 6-8 ft tall in 10 years, but growing larger over time. It would be a great candidate for a hedge.

Rare Variety – This variety is difficult to find anywhere due to these reasons

·        Hard to propagate – many cultivars do not root easily from cuttings, but at a reduced rate thus making the plant rare.

·        Hard to find – these cultivars are hard to find in the first place, probably because they are hard to root from cuttings 

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