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Magical Redwood Bark Soil Conditioner


It is all about the roots! If you can create a large and healthy root system, your plant will thrive. Using Magical Redwood Bark Soil Conditioner will insure that the roots will grow big and strong. Also, since our plants are grown in this bark, incorporating it into your native soil will improve water absorption evenly between the native soil and the new rootball. We have found from experience that without this additive, or something similar, the rootball of a small plant will not receive enough moisture when watered, but with the addition of  bark any watering will soak equally into the plant’s rootball and the newly amended soil. 

Directions: Dig a hole twice the size of the rootball you are planting. Add an equal amount of this bark as the size of the rootball to the hole. Add native soil back to the hole and mix well. Adding some ‘One Shot’ or ‘Bloom’ fertilizer into the mix is also advised. 2 gallon, 3 lb bag. Enough product for one 3 gallon plant, or 3 one gallon plants.