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Wonderful hybrid between Magnolia laevifolia and Michalea dolsopa offers highly fragrant white, cup-shaped flowers in early to mid spring. The evergreen tree will be 8 - 10 feet tall in 10 years, unless grown in a large container on the patio where it can be enjoyed closer to your living space. Frost hardy in zones 7 and 8. As with the species, this tree has very dark-green leaves with brown indumentum on the undersides of the leaves and the same dark 'fuzz' on the flower buds. These flower buds form in the leaf axils, so there are many more flowers than the typical magnoia. When in full bloom, the fragrance is noticeable for 100 feet away! The tree enjoys a thick layer of mulch and will flower more heavily the following year if fertilized just after the flowers are finished. 

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