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Hydrangea m. 'Shooting Star'


Originally called 'Sumida-no-Hanabi', 'Fireworks', 'Fuji Waterfall', but then renamed 'Shooting Star', this lacecap Hydrangea macrophylla cultivar really lives up to its name. The outer white double petaled flowers look like stars, shooting outwards! The flower heads are composed of showy, double florets, dangling from long pedicels, and radiating around a central cluster of tiny, fertile, double blue to pink flowers. The central part of the flower can be blue or pink, depending on the ph of your soil. Grows well in containers, or in garden beds.

This plant will grow to be 3-5 feet tall and wide over time. It is recommended to protect from freezing since the blossoms form on old wood.  Hardy to zone 6.

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