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Hakonechloa macra 'Sunflare'


Hakonechloa macra, the Japanese Forest Grass, has many cultivars that are different colors. The true species is mainly green, but some of the unusual forms found range from bright yellow, to yellow with red, white with green, and red with orange. 'Sunflare' does not disappoint.  Mostly it is a bright yellow, but has deep crimson shading on some of the foliage tips, stopping traffic. Great for a pot on the deck, but if you have room, try planting in generous drifts or to line the edges of a path. We like to have more on one side than the other to simulate what nature does...asymmetrical. This plant, like all of the Hakonechloa will disappear  in winter, but in spring it will come back thicker than before to delight your eyes. 

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