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Created by the late Warren Berg, Golfer was named after his wife who was an avid golfer. Warren collected many of the most interesting foliage rhododendrons growing in asia and the Himalayan region throughout his life. Being a commercial airline pilot, he had many opportunities to see and collect these jewels. Later in his life he began hybridizing for more interesting foliage in rhododendrons. This hybrid is R. degronianum ssp. yakushimanum x R. psudochrysanthum. The flowers open a light pink, then turn white. The shrub is more well known for its blue-green foliage in late summer and through the winter, but in spring just after blooming the new growth comes out a very light gray with a dusting of 'tomentum' on the leaves. This is a prized feature by collectors, and is thought to perhaps be a natural insect proofing by the plant. The dusting comes off by mid summer leaving shiny, blue-green, leathery leaves. The plant in the photo is over 10 years old and is 2 ft tall x 3 ft wide. The growth rate is quite slow, so the plants we sell are small. A valuable addition to the rock garden, or as a contrast plant to other plants.

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