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Perhaps the most widely known FRAGRANT rhododendron,  'Fragrantissimum' won the First Class Certificate in 1868, and is still as popular today.  Sometimes known as "The Himalayan Rhododendron",  it is not really from the Himalayas, but has parents that are from that part of the world.  This plant will benefit from yearly light pruning and will eventually grow into a large shrub 8 ft. tall and the same wide.  The honeysuckle fragrance is most potent on warm days, often drifting 50 ft. or more.  Unfortunately, this plant is tender and can't take temperatures lower than 25 F.  If containerized, it can be taken into a greenhouse for the winter in colder areas, then brought back out for spring enjoyment.  'Fragrantissimum' does well trained up a lattice or a fence, rewarding you with a wall of sweetly scented blooms. This fragrance can take you back a hundred years!

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