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Eucryphia x nymansensis 'Nymansay'


A South American tree that flowers in late summer to mid fall, bringing exotic flowers when most flowering trees are all done. The tree has a narrow growing habit, so takes up a smaller footprint than most trees. Native to Chile and Argentina found growing along the Andes Range, and currently is threatened by logging and habitat loss. The tree flowers young, so there is less waiting for flowers. Our tree in the gardens is 15 ft. tall in 10 years, but will eventually be 25-35 ft tall. The white flowers have a bit of yellow-green in the throat, and the anthers are a reddish-tan, adding color to the center of the flower. Also, the flowers contain a highly appreciated aromatic nectar that is harvested by bees to make 'Ulmo honey'. This is a tender tree, hardy to zone 9 - 10, so can only be grown by those in coastal mild climates. We were listing this tree as E. cordifolia, but have now found it to be 'Nymansay'. We also grow 'Mt. Usher', a selected form of 'Nymansay' that has larger leaves and seems to be more vigorous. 

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