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Chamaecyparis obtusa Miriam


This is one to pay attention to! We were turned on to this incredible little hinoki by Larry Stanly of Stanly and Sons Nursery and more recently of Conifer Kingdom. Larry Stanly is a conifer legend in his own right and when he tells you to pay attention to a plant, you should listen. This is something we have learned over the years and this is one of those gems. We got this plant from Larry and we have been growing it and reproducing it for a few years and we finally feel they are ready for the big world and your garden!

Jokingly nicknamed 'the better Kosteri', Miriam reminds us a lot of Kosteri...Only better and smaller. The tight, curling foliage and dark green color mimic Kosteri only it grows a little bunchier and the soft foliage curls around itself just a little more. We really don't know what to expect over the long term but we can give you our best guesses. This one grows slowly, stays tight and will likely be less than 2ft x 2ft over 10 years. This is a conifer lover's dream. Garden full? There is room for this one. In the market for something nobody has yet? We got you. We love this plant and learning about it over the last few years has been such a pleasure we would like to invite you along.

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