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Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Van Pelt's Blue'


A very useful form of Lawson Cypress that has a soft, powder-blue color and feathery leaves. This tree will make an excellent specimen when planted by itself, or if grouped and sheared, will make a nice blue hedge. The books say it will grow to 10-15 ft tall in 10 years, but our 20 year old specimen is just 8 ft tall.  Perfect drainage is required as this plant , along with many of the Lawson cypress are somewhat prone to root rot disease if there is poor drainage. Plant with gold conifers for a super dazzling combination. 

This cultivar originated 1984 at Hinrich Kordes Nursery, Bilsen Germany and introduced to the nursery trade by van Pelt's Nursery, Belgium.  Hardy to zone 5.   


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