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Camellia transnokoensis - Taiwan Camellia


 A very attractive, dainty and delicate species of Camellia from central Taiwan. The leaves are small, opening red, then shading to bronze before becoming green in summer. The buds are small and red, decorating the shrub and looking like red berries. When the buds open, the red color becomes a spot on the back of each petal, adding interest. The flowers are quite fragrant on a warm day, and will perfume an area. Grows 6ft - 10 tall over time, and is hardy to zone 8. Looks good when grown on a trellis on a wall that gets warm from the morning sun.  Our 1 gal plants are 2 years old, but still quite small (photo), 4"-6" tall and not branched yet. Nicely rooted.   

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