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Blue Lagoon


Large flower trusses, more blue than purple, have a dark eye in each flower. The plant is very vigorous, growing to 6-8 ft. tall and just as wide in 10 years. A must have for the purple lovers! Many rhododendrons are tricky to keep thriving but not Blue Lagoon. This is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners, landscapers or people who want a gorgeous statement plant without any fuss.  Blue Lagoon will grow like a weed to fill in your blank space and makes an excellent screen in no time. With all of those good qualities you might be looking for the draw back but keep looking.  They have gorgeous, elegant, prolific flowers and are easy as pie to propagate so we are able to provide them at very reasonable prices. So there you have it. Few things in life are this perfect so come on out. 

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