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'Barabit's Compact' Nordmann Fir


Very Compact and attractive dwarf Nordman fir with medium green, shiny dark-green foliage. Discovered by Elemer Barabits of Sopron, Hungary and registered in 1975. Grows wider than tall and is hardy to zone 4. Never needs pruning and is recommended for a rockery or as a specimen tree. Only 2-3 ft tall and 5 ft wide after many years. Foliage is shiny dark green.  

Mr. Barabit was a forestry engineer living in Hungary who found and described over 200 cultivars of conifer brooms. Most of his heritage is found outside of Hungary in places like Holland and Belgium, then coming here to the USA. Mr. Barabit gave away his findings to friends who took them to other countries that propagated them. We are so lucky to have some of his gems!

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