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Az. 'Terry's Hardy Gardenia Sport Sport'

Az. 'Terry's Hardy Gardenia Sport Sport'


One day our good friend and supplier of some of our azaleas, Terry Henderson, found a sport on one of his Linwood Hardy Gardenia Sport azaleas. It is very different than the 'sport', so he started calling it 'Sport Sport'. The leaves are smaller, the plant is more compact, and there are many more flower buds produced. The flowers seem to be about the same size as those on 'Hardy Gardenia Sport', but there are more of them. We like it so much we decided to name it 'Terry's Hardy Gardenia Sport Sport'. 

This white flowering evergreen azalea was named because it looks so much like a Gardenia, but unfortunately there is no fragrance. However, it is still an exceptional plant. The 'Sport' form is smaller with more flowers, so it is extra special ! The 'Terry's Hardy Gardenia Sport Sport' is smaller yet, with even more flowers. 

This Linwood hybrid with 2 ½” pure white double hose-in-hose flowers stands out against its dark-green foliage. The plant grows low and compact, so is useful to put in the front of the bed, or in a container on the deck. The bloom happens in late April or early May, so will often compliment other flowering shrubs like rhododendrons. Hardy to zone 6.  

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