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Az. 'Everest' Evergreen Azalea

Az. 'Everest' Evergreen Azalea


When you see a mature specimen of the evergreen azalea 'Everest', you start looking for a place one would fit in your landscape or garden. It is that good! The plant will, most years, make a pure white pile of flowers 3-4 ft tall and wide in April into May. And, it is one you can count on for its shocking clockwork. After the blooming is over you can prune it with a hedge pruner and it will flower even heavier the next year. 

'Everest' is a Glenn Dale hybrid developed by Benjamin Morrison of United States Department of Agriculture using Rhododendron mucronatum as the seed parent and Rhododendron 'Shinnyo-no-tsuki' as the pollen parent. Its openly funnel-shaped, 3 in. wide flowers are white with a pale greenish-yellow blotch and have 3 to 4 flowers per inflorescence. 'Everest' has a compact, spreading habit growing 4 to 5 ft. tall and wide.

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