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Autumn Moon


At last we have some of this phenomenal cultivar of Japanese Shirasawa's maple. Related to the 'Full Moon Maple' and the cultivar 'Moonrise', but having slightly different colored foliage. In spring the new leaves emerge a lime-green color with red-orange at the edges. The foliage looks quite orange all summer, contrasting nicely to other plants nearby. If growing in more shade the colors are more green shading to orange, while if situated in bright sunlight, the colors are more red-orange with the green being in the veins. The wide fan-shaped leaves are also quite unique and attractive. This tree will slowly grow up to 10-12 ft in height, and a bit wider. Can be grown in large containers if preferred. the winged fruit flowers appear in spring, but are not small and not highly decorative. Developed by J.D. VertreesĀ from a batch of seedlings. Mr. Vertrees was one of the first to publish books about Japanese Maples, and is considered an expert in this field. 'Autumn Moon' was awarded the coveted Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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