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Acer palmatum 'Ryusen'



Very unique! Acer p. 'Ryusen' is the only fully weeping variety of Japanese maple that we know of. The branches or side shoots hang down from the main trunk making a magnificent 'cascade' of leaves. In summer the tree is a medium green color, but come fall the colors shift to intense yellow, juicy orange or bright red. As we go into winter the tree can create multicolored carpets. Discovered in 2000 by Kazuhara Kobayashi in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan where it is native. We suggest staking the tree up to around 10 ft off the ground, letting it weep down from there. This cultivar produces it first leaves in late spring, making damage from frosts less likely. Useful to grow over gazebos, arches, or arbors. Also can be used to create walls or hedges with fabulous colors in the fall. And, of course, is excellent in a large container. Hardy to zone 6. 

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