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Abies koreana 'Zehusice'


Found in the Zehusice Nursery in Ostrava, Czech Republic outside Prague.This low growing fir has attractive dark-green needles covering the stout branches. Not well known in the US, it may have made its way into the states via Stanley & Sons Nursery, who has great contacts in Europe for these unusual gems. We love the look of this dwarf conifer, and will plant at least one in our gardens. There is controversy that the plant is not Abies koreana, but is Abies nordmaniana, however Stanley and Sons received this plant from Europe as Abies koreana 'Zehusice'. This would be the first consideration as to the true species. Then, Larry Stanley says that when you crush the leaf, it has the koreana smell. So, based on these clues, we are going to stick with Larry Stanley's assessment.

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